Virat Kohli Cars Collection, Price, Images (Latest Cars)

List of all the cars owned by virat kohli

Virat Kohli Cars – Exclusive Details, Cost, Images

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: The Financial Express

This man needs no introduction. He is one of the best cricketers of India. The multi-talented sportsperson is an inspiration for the youth. The Captain of Indian Cricket Team has a jaw-dropping collection of cars. The 29-year-old HotShotCeleb cricketer is living the dream. But, he did achieve all this with a tremendous amount of hard work. If you have a fetish for luxury cars, then this is the article for you. We won’t go into many technical details. So, let’s get to know about the exclusive collection of  Virat Kohli cars, Images, Price and much more.

Virat Kohli’s Car List

Virat is passionate about cars and his money is well spent on Luxury cars. He takes out time from his busy schedule to take these mean machines for a spin. Most of you must be aware that Virat endorses the car brand Audi. It is also one of his favorites. But, don’t just think that Virat is into expensive cars. This list also includes cars ranging from 10 Lac to 3 Crore. In this list, we will share with you Images, price and a few details of all Virat Kohli’s cars.

Virat Kohli’s Audi R8 LMX

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: carblogindia

Priced at Rs. 2.97 Crore (436590 US $), this beast is the fastest car owned by Virat Kohli. The car can hit 0 to 100 in just 3.4 seconds. Top speed for this supercar is 320 KMPH.

Fun Fact– There are only 99 units of R8 ever made. And guess who is the only person in South Asia to own this beast 😉

So this car is definitely one of the best Virat Kolhi cars.

Virat Kohli’s Range Rover Vogue

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: Car Dekho

This is the second most expensive car owned by Virat after R8. This car comes in many Variants. Virat has the top-end diesel variant which costs Rs 2.27 Crore (333690 US $)

You must have spotted Virat with Anushka in this car many times in photos. With a powerful engine of 4.4 Litre SDV8, this luxury car can touch 0-100 Km in impressive 6.9 seconds. This car is driven the most by Virat.

Virat Kohli’s Audit A8 L W12

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: Indiatimes

The next luxury car parked in Virat Kohli’s garage is Audi A8 L W12. The car costs Rs 1.98 crore (291060 US $). This power-packed car runs on an engine of 6.3 liters. With power and Torque of 494 bhp & 620 nm, this is truly one superb addition to Virat Kohli Cars List.

Virat Kohli’s Audi Q7

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: Times Of India

This fancy car with a sticker tag of Rs 80 Lacs approximately (117600 US $) is a fully automatic car with Quatro all-wheel-drive system. Audi Q7 runs on an engine of 3.0 liter

Virat Kohli’s Audi S6

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: carblogindia

This high-performance car is available in India at Rs 95 Lacs (139650 US $). This limited edition car is powered by an engine of 4.0-Litre V8 Petrol which gets further benefit from a twin turbo setup.

Power and Torque- 420bhp and 550 nm.

Virat Kohli’s Toyota Fortuner

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: Zoom cars

Finally, we are down to a car which can be easily seen on Indian Roads. Kohli received this hot wheel as a gift for being the Brand Ambassador of Toyota. The car cost approximately Rs 27 Lacs (39690 US $) and runs on an engine of 2.7 Petrol, 2.8 Diesel.

Fun Fact: Toyota Fortuner is the best selling car in its price range set.

Virat Kohli’s Renault Duster

Virat Kohli Cars
Image Courtesy: carblogindia

Lastly, Renault Duster is the cheapest car in Virat’s car collection priced at 12 Lacs (17640 US $). This car was not purchased by him. However, it is very special for him as he received it in 2012 for his outstanding performance in an ODI series against Sri Lanka. This car has a 1.5 Turbo Diesel Engine.

If you are looking for more technical details about this car then you should check out these specifications.

All the cars together cost around 9.24 Crores. That is equivalent to 1,358,280 US $

So, this was an exclusive list of Virat Kohli’s car collection. We hope this somehow inspires you to work hard and try to achieve big milestones in life, like our beloved captain. Leave a comment and tell us which one is your favorite car from this collection. Share this article with your friends, if you liked it.

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