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Parmish Verma is a very famous Punjabi singer. If you listen to Punjabi music, then you must have heard about this young dashing man. Parmish Verma is not just famous in Punjab, he has a worldwide following. Moreover, he is not famous only for his music. Boys admire parmish Verma’s body and his hairstyle and girls go gaga when they see parmish Verma photos. In this Article we will share with you Parmish Verma Wikipedia Details, Bio, Hairstyle, Parmish Verma Beard and much more. He has a very interesting life full of adventure and fun. His nickname is Param. So let’s get to know more about this HotShotCeleb 🙂Parmish Verma Photos

Parmish Verma Photos Wiki, Biography

Parmish Verma is a multi-talented Punjabi singer, director, producer and actor. He was born on 3rd July in Patiala, Punjab India. He even joined theatre in 4th standard to improve his acting skills. He has never shared his date of birth. He is approximately 29 years old. His Zodiac sign/sun sign is Cancer.

His hometown is in Sunam, Sangrur District. His attachment from his hometown makes him special.Parmish Verma Photos

He completed his schooling from Yadavindra Public School, Patiala. After school, he went abroad to complete his higher education. He got enrolled in a hotel management course in Sydney, Australia. But, destiny had something else in mind for the future superstar. He did not enjoy his stay in Australia and dropped out of college and came back to India. This is where his journey of becoming the next music sensation started.

 Social Media

  • Parmish is active on social media and you can follow him on the following social media profiles:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat Username – parmishverma

Physical Stats

Apart from singing, he is known for his style statement, body and hairstyle. Whatever he does becomes a style statement.Parmish Verma Photos

Parmish is approximately 5.8 feet tall and weighs around 75 kg. (Height Parmish Verma)

He has black eyes and black hair. He sports a thick beard which has become a trend. Many teenage boys look up to him and try to imitate Parmish Verma beard and hairstyle.

Whenever you search parmish verma photos on google, you must wonder how big are his biceps. Well, everyone does because parmish hits the gym regularly. His day starts at the gym and he spends 1.5 hrs on gym daily. He has a very well built muscular body with a chest of around 44 inches, biceps 17 inches and waist of 32 inches. Isn’t that cool? I hope this inspires you to hit the gym 😛

He has a lot of tattoos. On the right bicep “Believe” is written, left bicep “Sukhan” is written and at the back “Param Sat” is written.Parmish Verma Photos


Just like Parmish his father, Satish Kumar Verma is also a multi-talented personality. He was a writer in Punjabi movies. Along with writing, he was also a poet and a theatre artist. We can say Like father, Like Son 🙂

His mother, Paramjit Verma is a professor. He has 2 siblings. One younger brother, Sukhan Verma and a sweet sister Sherry Rana. His mother is Sikh and his father is a Hindu.

Parmish Verma Wife, Girlfriend?

No guys, Parmish is unmarried and is not dating anyone currently. He once said in an interview that he is busy with his career right now and is not planning to get married anytime soon. He also says that he will have an ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

Acting Career

His debut movie was Punjab Bolda in 2011, where he played a small role.

In 2017, his movie Rocky Mental was released which was a blockbuster. Despite being a regional film, it’s trailer was trending on youtube for 2 days. This movie was has played a very important role in his Parmish Verma’s career.

A few unknown known facts and moments from Parmish Verma’s life

Parmish does not smoke and drinks occasionally.

He is a dog lover and spends a lot of quality time with his pet dog.

He always wanted to become an actor. So when he decided to drop out of college in Sydney he came back to India in 2014 and launched his own production house by the name of Parmish Verma Films. But this was not the original plan. Not many people know this but he wanted to start his career after coming back as youtuber.

Parmish is a big fan of the Hollywood actor, Vin Diesel. He often talks about him in his interviews.

His favorite song is “Mukhada” by Amar Arshi.

On 13 April 2018, Parmish and his friend escaped an assassination attempt in Mohali wat midnight while returning from a show in Delhi. They were fortunate enough to survive. He even posted an emotional message on his social media profile thanking all his fans for well-wishes and his speedy recovery. He was attacked by a gangster named Dilpreet Singh Dhahan who openly took the responsibility for the attack and even threatened that he will try again. Haryana police are now investigating the case. Check out this pic of Parmish verma recovering from the accident-

Sat Sri Akal, I am truly humbled by the love and concern you have shown me over the past few weeks. I deeply appreciate it. I am feeling much better now. There is something I wanted to clear the air about. The incident that took place was purely a threat for extortion. I have no enmity with anyone. I have never been involved directly or indirectly with people I am falsely being associated with by certain media and social media channels. It is my heartfelt appeal to not drag anyone's family or any of their family members into this. Families are valued and treasured by everyone alike. It can be extremely tormenting for a family to go through times like these. Please do not treat them unjustly. I don't want any family to endure what my family has. I pray no other mother suffers like mine has. I am extremely grateful to you for your prayers, your love and your patience. I hope to return amongst you really soon, fit enough to entertain . Thank you for all your love and support. It means everything to me. Parmish Verma

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His rivals have accused him of copying songs from other languages and converting them into Punjabi.

He admires VJ Bani for spreading the importance of fitness among the people through her Instagram handle.

He once said in his interview that though he was never good in studies, he was good in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, acting.

He has kept a long beard on the suggestion of his mother. While living in Australia he didn’t have a beard. His mother loves his bearded look.

Thookda Reha by Ninja was a turning point in his career which helped him in getting more work and projects. He shares a great bond with Ninja as the song they did together got them success.

His most famous song is Gaal Ni Kandi by Speed Records which has more than 130 million views :0

He has explained the struggles of his life in Australia in this video “Zimmewari Burkh Te Doori” released in 2014. He also shared that the struggle in the life of students living abroad is very difficult to handle.

The success that Parmish Verma has achieved today is because of a lot of hard work and continuous efforts. He works for more than 16 hrs a day. He still does the editing work himself. He was quoted as saying in an interview that ” Every Successful career demands a lot of hard work

He says that his father has been the biggest influencer in his life and he dedicates all the success he has achieved to his father. His father encouraged him to come back to India and pursue his dream of acting, filmmaking and directing.

In Australia, he did all sorts of odd jobs to survive there. He has also worked as a gym trainer there. Parmish has been independent since the age of 17.

Our famous punjabi singer is a die-hard fan of Bohemia and wishes to work with him in the future. He has not yet met him and he desires to meet him in the near future. He says that he has been listening to him since his school days and when he meets him he will tell him that how his life and work inspired him to reach where he is today.

Parmish Verma Beard Photos

Here is an exclusive collection of Parmish Verma beard Photos from his Instagram feed-

God’s Plan is Bigger than your Past..

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Paindi Aa Phir DhaKk Champion.

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#DesiSirreDa Link in Bio, Kiween Lagea ?! Thank you for your Love..! 💕⚓️

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