Hadd Bc Aadil Paari – Exclusive Interview

Toh Swagat Hai Aap Sabka (Hadd Bc)

Hadd Bc Aadil Pari

Hadd Bc Aadil Paari – Exclusive Interview

Hadd Bc is one of those Youtube Channels which can just make your day. The channel is expanding day by day. Looking at bhai’s progress that day is not far when his subscribers will touch 1 Million. Aadil creates unique and relatable content which is now liked by a lot of people. We got an opportunity to interact with the HotShotCeleb. Aadil bhai was generous enough to agree to the interview.

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This interview will help you to connect better with him. Let’sBegin.

Q-Tell us a little about yourself 🙂

Full name- Aadil Paari

Date of Birth- 17-06-1996

Hometown- Lucknow

Educational Qualification- Graduate (Wo bhi bade mushkilo se 😛 )

Q-When did you start your 1st Youtube Channel?

Ans- 1st youtube channel was started on 22 Dec 2010 and I started Hadd Bc on 1st Aug 2016.

Q-How do you feel now that you have started getting recognition for your hard work?

Ans- Bas poore Teamsakht ka Pyaar hai.

Q-Do you have a team for Hadd Bc or you work alone?

Ans- Alone (Par Mukesh bhai ka sath hamesha hai)

Q- Do your parents watch your videos? If Yes, what is there reaction?

Ans- Yes, of course, my parents watch my videos. Pehle thoda ajeeb sa scene tha per ab toh sab chill hai even abhi jitni bhi growth hori hai uspe parents ka bohot bada support hai.


Q- In your AskBc video you revealed that you are also into filmmaking and directing? Would you like to share something your upcoming projects? We have seen the short film that you uploaded on your channel. It touched everyone’s heart. Are you making more such short films?

Ans- Yup Bilkul I’m working on 2 short films and I am also working on a web series, web series team sakht ke lia ek bohot mast se gift hai because isme collab bhi kar raha hun mai with Arey bhai bhai bhai Shahid Alvi.

Q- Where did the idea of Starting the “Muthkadma” series came?

Ans- Actually Hadd Bc ki starting me mai street interviews leta tha per jis tarah ke answers mai expect karta tha audience se wo mil nahi rahay ta so I planned ki jo jawab mil nahi rahay hai unko khud se bolu toh shayad wo zada effective hoge so I started janta ka muthkadma.

Q- We know that you are a Sakth Luanda. You recently met Zakir Khan. How was your experience? Has he watched your videos?

Ans- When I met Zakir bhai tab mere 17k subscribers the and it was really shocking ki bhai mujhe jante the pehle se or wo life ka bohot achha moment tha jab bhai se mulakaat hui thi tab bhai se bola tha maine ki do sakht launde sath mil ke ek video banne toh bhai ne haa kaha ta bas ab intezaar hai ki wo moment kab aaega.

Q- As you have shared many times, Zakir bhai is your biggest inspiration. But, What inspires you the most about Zakir khan?

Ans- Kahi na kahi mere or bhai ki story ek jessi hai hum dono ne he life me ek bohot bura waqt dekha hai because of some reason ek waqt ta jab motivation bilkul khatam ho gaya ta tabhi zakir bhai ki ek baat sunni maine ki “ Teri Bewafaai ke Angaaro mein lipti rahi hai Rooh meri, Main iss tarah Aag na hota agar ho jaati tu meri” bas kar dia apne bhai ne inspiration.

Q- Have you watched Chacha Vidhayak hai humare? How did you feel when our Sakth Zakir bhai was romancing on screen? 😛

Ans- Yes i watched Chacha Vidhyak hai humare… Bhai ko jawab dena hoga teamsakht ko iss gustakhi ka … 😀

Q- Is our Hadd Bc dating someone? If No, then kab tak Sakth rehne ka plan hai? 😉

Ans- NO.. hamesha toh fir Muskaan ki chamkaan kahi or

Q- Any Heartbreak story you would like to share that made you a sakth launda ?

Ans- Teri Bewafaai ke Angaaro mein lipti rahi hai Rooh meri, Main iss tarah Aag na hota agar ho jaati tu meri

Q- If you ever fall in love. What should be the ideal qualities in that girl?

Ans- Nagerpalika waale gadda me fall ho jauga per love me nahi.

Q- Share with us something about your look. Is there any specific reason for such long hair? 😛 Your fans would like to know.

Ans- No there is no specific reason I just love long hair and beard.

Astitva Shoot… #haddbc #astitva

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Q- Tell us more about Mukesh? How is he doing 😛

Ans- Arry bhai bas din raat harri chatni ke nashe karta rehta hai.

Q- Tell us one incident that changed your life? Something which none of your fans know till now.

Ans- Sabse bada life changing moment toh tabhi ta jab meri first video viral hui te.

Q- What do you do when you have a creative block? How do you deal with it?

Ans- Honestly abhi tak maine aisa kuch experience nahi kia because as a free lance film maker and as a youtuber jesse bhi marzi hote hai i create content but ab jesse jesse audience badte jaa re hai toh as a creator responsibility bhi badte jaa re hai.

Q- Do you have any friends from the Youtube community?

Ans- Yes i have so many friends or youtube community ki sabse acchi baat yehi hai sab family ki tarah rehte hai.

Q- Any plans of Collaborating with other YouTubers ?

Ans- Yes as i told you i am making a web series with shahid Alvi.

Q- I have seen many people asking you that have you met Carry Minati and other YouTubers from the Roasting category? Would you like to answer?

Ans- abhi tak carry se toh nahi mila hu per haan roasting community ke baaki mostly sab creator’s se mil chuka hun.

Q- Your 1st Q & A has received the 2500 likes you asked for. Now it’s your turn to roast your 1st video 😛 When is that going to happen?

Ans- I already did it watch my HOT GIRL DIRTY QUESTION video.

Q- what message would you like to give to your Audience? Do you know you have a very Loyal Audience?

Ans- Yes yeh sabse acchi feeling hai or audience nahi sab apne bhai hai jo support karte hai or aaj jaha pe bhi hun sab apne bhaiyo ki wajah se or hamare aise hi Bakchod videos laata rahuga sabke lia.

Q- What advice would you like to give the upcoming youtubers?

Ans- Patience and hardwork bas yehi do cheese follow karne hai if anyone wants to be a successfull youtuber.

Q- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ans- To become a successfull youtuber.

Q- Some people still don’t understand the concept of roasting. How do you deal with people who send you hate messages when you roast a big celebrity like vidya vox. Does it affect you personally?

Ans- Ager mai duniya ka sabsa achha content bhi banna du na tabhi haters ko accha nahi laagega so i just ignore them.or roasting its just for entertainment Chahe Vidya Vox ho ya om prakash mishra jitne logo pe bhi maine videos bannae hai i repect them alot or mere videos me bola hua har word bas entertain karne ke lia hota hai.

Q- We all love the way you present your content. We can easily relate to you. Do you know that your Intro songs and the “Ending Lagao” part is a very nice concept. Almost everyone (including me) wants to know where do you get the starting and ending songs for the video?

Ans- Youtube. Actually mostly jitne logo k bhi song mai laagta hu wo sab bohot talented singers or rappers hai per abhi wo audience ke samne nahi aapaaye hai toh bas koshish karta hu ki unko bhi audience mil jaaye.

Q- The most memorable incident related to youtube career?

Ans- when my first video went viral.

Q- When can we all expect a meet up with you?

Ans- jis jis city me jaata hu mai abhi bhi meetup karta rehta hu but yes on 1 million subscribers will plan a meet up bohot mast waala.

Q- We have never seen you roast any politicians. Do you plan on doing that anytime soon ? 😛

Ans- Abhi tak ke mujhe aisa koi content mila nahi hai jesse hi mil jaayega unhe bhi kar dega.

Short film coming soon……….#haddbc

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Q- How do you feel when you meet your fans outside? Share that feeling

Ans- Its make me feel so good jab apne bhaai log kahi bhi mil jaate hai.

Q- How many hrs a day do you Work? What is you Schedule like?

Ans- I work around 18 to 20 hours because of filmmaking and youtube dono ko manage karna hota hai.

Q-  Your Favorite List

  1. Actor (Bollywood) ➡ Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  2. Actress (Bollywood) ➡ Sab chutiya hai 😛
  3. Actor (Hollywood) ➡ Hugh jackman and Robert downey jr
  4. Actress (Hollywood) ➡ Woh bhi sab chutiya hai 😛
  5. Movie (Bollywood) ➡ Gangs of wasseypur
  6. Movie (Hollywood) ➡ The Shawshank redemption
  7. Youtuber (Other than Zakir Khan) ➡ CarryMinati, Bhvuan Bam, and The Screen Patti.
  8. English Tv Series ➡ Nahi dekhta bhaai last Power ranger SPD dekha ta…:D 😀

hadd bc aadil pari

Q- Rapid fire Round

  • AIB Or TVF ➡ AIB
  • Sakhti Or Ladki ➡ SAKHTI
  • Bollywood Movies Or Hollywood Movies ➡ Hollywood
  • Friends or How I met your mother ➡ Porn hub 😛
  • The Timeliners or TSP ➡ TSP
  • BB ki Vines or Carry Minati ➡ BOTH
  • Facecam videos or animation videos ➡ Facecam
  • 3 words that describe you perfectly ➡ Harami launda hai


Authors Note– HotShotCeleb thanks Hadd Bc Aadil Paari for taking out time from his busy schedule to give us an interview. Thank you on behalf of all your fans for entertaining us with your intelligence and presence of mind and bringing happiness to people’s life. People like you have inspired me and many others to keep working hard. I request all the readers to share this article with all your friends.

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