Amanda Cerny Biography, Instagram, Affairs Age, Figure & MORE

Amanda Cerny Instagram, Affairs, Lele Pons, Diet, Background

Quick note- Amanda Cerny Biography is going to be a very long well-researched article so here is a Birdseye view Content table for you if you want to skip some parts. In this article, we will share with you Amanda Cerny Biography, Age, Wiki, Networth, Affairs and some trivia.

Who is Amanda Cerny?

If you are a person who is even moderately active on any social media platform then you must be aware of the queen of Instagram- Amanda Cerny. Playboy Amanda Cerny has a following of more than 20 million on Instagram alone. Her full name is Amanda Rachelle Cerny and she was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New York, United States. The beautiful Pittsburgh girl shot to fame after she was included in the List of Playboy Playmates in October 2011. There was no thinking back for this hot and exciting diva after that. Her vine and youtube channel further boosted her presence in the world of internet.

She has been noticed by the people in all segments of the showbiz regardless of whether through acting, posting funny Vines or doing hot photograph sessions. Her enormous fanbase is only obsessed with her exquisite beauty and hotness. Let’s start with Amanda Cerny Biography and then we will share with you every possible thing known about this Foxy Actress 😉

Amanda Cerny Biography (Age, Background, Parents)

Amanda Cerny was born on 26th June 1991. Her current age is 27 years (Amanda Cerny Age) and her sun sign/horoscope is Cancer. Her nationality is American and she currently resides in Los Angeles. She completed her basic education from Florida State University. She has a sister named Samantha Cerny and a stepbrother Nick Bateman (heart-throb) Both the extraordinarily good-looking celebrities share a good bond with each other and have also worked together in a few vines. Amanda Cerny Parents‘s names have never been shared by her anywhere and are therefore not known.

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Social Media Accounts

Former Playboy Amanda Cerny is active on all the social media accounts. She is a very big social media influencer and has a following of more than 50 million on all the accounts together. She even has a website and you can visit her at

Amanda Cerny Instagram

She is very active on Instagram. It’s her most important social media profile. As of now (May 2018) she has a following of more than 20.6 million people. She often does live stream on Insta and talks to her fans. Her each post gets millions of views and likes. There are more than 1700 posts for your entertainment. Link to her ➡ Instagram Handle

Channeling Hollywood! My new look 👒yay or nay ?

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Amanda Cerny Facebook

Ruling the facebook with a massive following of 10 million, here is her ➡ Facebook Handle. Her Facebook profile reads her personal interests as Modelling, Boating, Skydiving, and Karate.

Amanda Cerny Snapchat

Just like on Instagram, Amanda is referred to as the Queen of Snapchat. She goes by the username of amandacerny on Snapchat.

Amanda Cerny Youtube

While it is difficult to manage 1 Youtube channel, Cerny is successfully running 2 youtube channels. Her 1st Youtube Channel gained massive subscribers due to her already strong social media presence. She started the channel on 9th October 2011. Currently, her channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers. This channel is all about her funny videos and you will surely have a good time.

Her 2nd Youtube Channel is a Vlog Channel with around 1.5 million subscribers. This channel was created with the purpose of sharing her personal life and her day to day routine. However, due to her busy schedule, she is not very active on her Vlog Channel in comparison to other social media accounts.

Amanda Cerny Twitter

Twitter is a place of intellectuals. then how can Amanda be missing from this platform 😛 She joined Twitter way back in 2010 before becoming Playboy Amanda Cerny. Tweet her, It might be your lucky day and she may reply 😉

Amanda Cerny Spotify

Like her funny videos, her choice of music is also massively followed. She often shares her Spotify Playlist on her Instagram Account. You can follow her Spotify Playlist here.

Physical Attributes (Amanda Cerny Height, Weight, Figure and more)

She is 5.7 feet tall (173 cm) and her weight is approximately 58 Kgs (128 Pounds).

Her full body measurements are 34-24-36. Her bra size is 34c.

She has an Hourglass body shape. Amanda has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Her sexual orientation is straight.

Amanda Cerny Boyfriend, Affairs, and Dating History

Radiant Amanda has a significant long dating history. She has dated many famous people from the entertainment industry like King Bach, Keegan Allen Logan Paul, Justin Bieber, Josh Peck and most recently Johannes Bartyl. She once told in an interview that sexiest look for a man is “a full suit and tie with his hair slicked back. Let’s have a look at the love interests of Amanda Cerny :

Amanda Cerny and Keegan Allen (2014-2015)

Amanda Cerny and Keegan Allen

Amanda started seeing Keegan in 2015 and they were often spotted together at dinner dates. The dating rumors were there in the media because of them being seen together at all events. It was a casual relationship and didn’t last long.

Amanda Cerny and King Bach (2015-2016)

Amanda Cerny and King Bach

Apart from appearing alongside the legendary King Bach, she was also in a relationship with him. The reason behind these speculations was back to back comedy sketches together and the quality time they spent with each other. The whole year Amanda’s Instagram had King Bach in it. They were more than “Just Friends” if the rumors are to be believed.

Amanda Cerny And Justin Bieber (2016)

Amanda cerny and Justin Bieber

Both the HotShotCelebs were seen at a Karaoke date at Dohney Room in Hollywood. Video of them messing around in a hotel also surfaced a few days later. They hung out together for a while.

Amanda Cerny and Logan Paul (2017)

Amanda cerny and Logan Paul

Logan Paul, yet another controversial Vine stars was dating Amanda in 2017. They did a lot of short skits together. One of there most popular video together was a funny dating video which was released in 2016. They dated for a while. She is also a very good and close friend of Logan’s younger brother, Jake Paul.

Amanda Cerny and Johannes Bartl (2018)

This has been the most serious relationship of Amanda Cerny so far. Johannes is her personal trainer and also appears in all the videos of Amanda these days. Their relationship is not just a rumor. They are in love and are looking for a serious future ahead, together. They have publically displayed their affection for each other not once, but many times on social media. Have a look –

Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons (The Fallout)

Amanda cerny and Lele Pons

For those who are unaware, Lele Pons is a social media celebrity just like Amanda. They both were good friends, but their relationship turned sour and both accused each other of hacking into each other’s social media accounts. Amanda noticed that her Instagram followers were reducing, her pics and videos were being deleted from her own account continuously for 6 months. Amanda had reasons to believe that Lele was behind all this and therefore she confronted Lele Pons to get a confession from her. However, that didn’t happen and the quarrel turned ugly. The matter even reached the cyber police. However, nothing much happened after that. Ever since the incident, both the celebrities are not on talking terms with each other. (1)

Amanda Cerny Diet (Vegan)

Amanda Cerny is 100 % vegan and would never promote her followers to eat Beef. She has even partnered with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has made many videos in this regard.

Since she is vegan, People are always interested in knowing that how she manages to maintain that figure and what her source of protein is. Don’t you worry, we will share everything with you that’s ever been spoken by Amanda in this regard. She relies heavily on Fruits for her morning breakfast to keep her energized. The former Playboy playmate gets most of the protein from Vegetables and Nuts. Her diet plan also includes Soy, protein-rich cereals, and a lot of beans.

Since Amanda is into Fitness, She keeps a check on her Nutrition Consumption and tries to have a balanced diet which involves Carbs, Fiber, and Protein. The Actress insists on Regular workout along with the diet to be fit and healthy.

Were you aware that apart from her main Instagram Channel she also has an Instagram Account dedicated entirely to fitness? Yes, you read that right. She shares all her diet plans, Physical exercise routines, and other fitness stuff on that platform. Go get fit with Amanda at CernyFit

Girls just wanna have sun 😎#guesseyewear AND FUN. THEY WANT TO HAVE FUN TOO !

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Amanda Cerny Charity (Philanthropy)

Well, She is not just a pretty face or funny girl who makes vines. Amanda has been involved in a lot of Charity work for more than 8 years now. For those who are following her on Instagram can recollect that how passionately she comes out to help the people suffering from natural disaster or any problems.

The charity work started in 2010 in Haiti during the Haiti Earthquake. She along with other volunteers helped by donating Food, Medicine, Clothing and ensuring supplies for small children and women. She used her connections to generate funding for the foundation helping the earthquake victims.

She is also the Founder of the Play Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the betterment of kids.

Amanda Cerny

She has always shown concern for the proper and healthy development of underprivileged kids. While attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit she raised the issue about the necessity for fulfilling the basic necessities of Children and urged people to raise money for the betterment of underprivileged children. (1)

In Nov 2017, she generated a lot of money through her social media followers to help the people affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. She had massive support from the people in the industry and her 20 million followers. Amanda left no stone unturned to help those in need. (2)

Watch this 2-minute video of her helping out the people in Puerto Rico with the money she gathered. I personally feel it’s not just about the money, it takes a lot of courage to do what she did-

Surprising Facts (Trivia)

The reason behind her being super fit is her Mom. She Says that her mom was a Taekwondo champion and she always wanted to be like her. But she decided to get in the entertainment industry when she started getting lucrative and good offers. However, she did get a Black Belt in Karate at the age of 11.

The journey from Playboy Amanda Cerny to social media sensation: She started modeling at the age 15 but getting an opportunity in Playboy was a matter of luck and was never pre-planned. She said that everyone on the sets of Playboy was very professional and she never felt uncomfortable. She was a part of the Playboy Playmate of the month October 2011. Amanda was inspired and motivated by Kelly Carrington to audition for Playboy. Kelly was also her Classmate and a former Playmate.

Her 6-second vine videos got her more than 5 million followers in just the beginning of her career. She is known for her sense of humor and sex appeal. She feels that making people laugh is the most difficult task and she is very thankful to her fans for appreciating the work she does.

Her advice to aspiring YouTubers- Be an expert in your field of work. there is a lot of competition out there and you need to give your best performance to stay in the game – Excerpt from her interview with the editor of Forbes Magazine.

Her first movie was “The Bet” She has appeared in a couple of movies and has given guest appearance in TV Shows. Her upcoming movie is with Logan Paul named “Airplane Mode”

She regularly trains with Johannes Bartl. They both are also romantically involved with each other. They both never miss out a workout whether they are at home or traveling. Amanda is also a Yoga Enthusiast and can be seen doing yoga on Instagram. Her day starts with Cardio and she runs 7 miles a day.

Amanda Cerny Bollywood Connection: Amanda has a massive fan following in India. She has even expressed her desire to feature in a Bollywood Film. She even asked her Indian fans to tell her about the famous Indian Actors and directors. Now she follows big names like Salman Khan, Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty on Instagram. If all goes well, there might be a day when you see Amanda Cerny in a Bollywood movie.

In 2016, she fractured her foot in an accident outside Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, California.

Nick Bateman and Amanda Cerny have a stepfather and both of them always jokingly than their father for such good genes 😛 Both of them have appeared together in a lot of videos and short films. Nick Bateman is a supermodel just like her sister. Nick Bateman’s ➡ Instagram Handle

FULL VIDEO ➡️➡️Link in bio 😈 C👌🏼

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The networth of Amanda Cerny is estimated to be more than $800 Thousand.

Amanda Cerny Favorite List

  1. Actor- Tom Hanks
  2. Actress- Morena Baccarin, Jennifer Aniston
  3. Color- Navy Blue
  4. Movie- The Forest Gump
  5. Singer- Justin Bieber
  6. Travel Destination- Amsterdam, Spain, Germany
  7. Quotes- “If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” Dr.Seuss

Amanda Cerny Instagram Highlights

So many flowers and I pick … YOU!🌹

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I’m talkin’ to you. 🎬💃🏻

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Secret’s out. I’m the one who makes the crop circles. 🇦🇹🤟🏼

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Okay, so this was an article on the HotShotCeleb Amanda Cerny. We all can anonymously get to a conclusion that within a span of 7-8 years Amanda Cerny has made a unique place for herself in the industry. Despite the existing stereotypes, no one can remember her as just the Playboy Amanda Cerny. She was very determined to not just be seen as the girl who featured in the Playboy Magazine. Amanda has had an amazing and successful journey so far. It’s just the beginning. She will surely reach great heights and we all wish her the very best for her future.

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