17 Unknown Facts About Anukreethy Vas Miss India 2018

Things you never knew about the femina miss india 2018 winner

All you wanted to know about Anukreethy Vas

Anukreethy vas femina miss india 2018
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1. Anukreethy Vas is 19 years old and is pursuing the course of BA in the French language from Loyola College.

2. She had always been a Tomboy in her school days. So, it was a bit difficult to walk the ramp like a professional model because she was not used to it.

3. Anukreethy was an athlete. She represented her school twice in CBSE CLUSTERS.

4. She was an NCC cadet and won 2 gold medals in the cross country race (Long Distance Running)

5. Anu always keeps a smile on her face because she believes that’s the only thing that keeps other people going on. You can never figure out when she is sad.

6. Her mom is a single parent and she works in the IT sector. She is Anukreethy’s support system and she looks up to her. Anukreethy admires her mom’s courage and the ability to take care of everyone without any hesitation. The confident woman that she has become today is because of the way her mom raised her.

7. His younger brother is in class xiith right now. According to Anukreethy, her brother is exactly opposite to her and is a very calm and introvert person whereas she has an extrovert personality.

8. While remembering her school days, she told that she used to travel to school by bicycle and many times all her friends used to bunk school and ride their bicycles around the city.

9. Anukreethy was born in Tiruchirappalli, also called Trichy which is in Tamil Nadu. Modeling was considered a taboo in her society. Even her mom had no idea about the Miss India competition back then.

10. But, it was her dream and she was very fascinated by these beauty pageants. In the back of her mind, she always wanted to participate but didn’t know the right approach initially.

11. Anukreethy Vas happens to run an NGO for underprivileged children’s education. Her main focus is the education of Transgender children. Presently she has 30 transgender children studying in her NGO.

12. In future, she will definitely complete her studies. But, right now she has a big responsibility of representing India in the Miss World 2018 competition so she will have to postpone her studies for a period of 6 months. However, she will finish her degree after the competition.

13. Whenever she is angry at someone or something. she goes to the ground near her home and starts running. It helps to calm her down. She started doing this a lot and she says this is one of the reasons for her to become an athlete. This is how she got into the school team.

14. In the near future, she wants to fulfill her mom’s dream and that is to build an orphanage and an old age home.

15. Manushi Chillar is her idol and role model and she is very excited and looking forward to learning from her while preparing for Miss World 2018.

16. Loves eating street food with her friends.

17. She enjoys bike riding and likes to travel alone, all by herself. She takes his brother’s bike for a spin whenever she feels like.

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